Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stuffed Pumpkin

I found it difficult to photograph this - something about the Israeli couscous looks a little icky in pictures...
But it tasted really good, and was incredibly easy, so here is the "recipe" (as usual, I don't remember any specifics...)

Stuffed Pumpkin

- a small pumkpin (the kind meant for eating, not carving)
- vegetable broth
- couscous
- tart cherries
- anything else that sounds good (Carrie - I'm sure it would be good with some roasted root veggies thrown in at the last minute?)

I took the top off the pumpkin and emptied it (keeping the seeds for toasting, of course). I think I had the oven pretty hot, around 400 degrees. I put the pumpkin on a baking sheet, then poured hot vegetable broth inside, and stuck the pumpkin in the oven for awhile. When the pumpkin started to seem cooked, I added the couscous and the cherries, then cooked the pumpkin a while longer, until the couscous was done.

One pumpkin made enough for my dinner, and then lunch the next day. The pumpkin become really soft and savory cooked in the vegetable broth, and you can scoop bites of pumpkin out with the couscous. Yum!


Carrie said...

yippee yippee! Thanks for posting this one. Your picture is beautiful! What a gorgeous piece to put down on the dinner table. I love it. I'm going to post on my blog and link to this. I hadn't thought of stuffing a pumpkin. Genius.

Emiline said...

That's really cool. I would have never thought to cook couscous in a pumpkin. I've had my eye out for Israeli for awhile, but I can't find it.

Brittany said...

This is just precious. I had a root vegetable tagine with cous cous at crow last night. It would have been even better served in a little sugar pumpkin vessel. You're so creative!!

Lydia said...

I have no idea what country you are in, but in New Zealand pak'n'save sells israli cous cous. It's usually with health foods or just unique things. Its with the liquorice here HAHA. Can't wait to stuff a pumpkin