Thursday, April 26, 2007

Asparagus and Egg

I got off work early today, which meant I had time to go home, shower, and then actually cook dinner. I looked in my pantry and saw nothing. I was also acutely aware of the beautiful bundle of asparagus I bought a few days ago, that was threatening to go to waste. So I became determined to put it to use, and ended up with the best dinner I have had in ages - one of those lucky accidents that ends up tasting like the best possible food you could imagine at the moment. I was not able to get a good photo - I was so busy scarfing it down that I literally took only one picture simply to record it for later. But I will post it anyways, since it tasted so GOOD.

- Steamed asparagus
- Top with lemon pepper
- Top with grated parmesan
- Top with a 12-minute hard-ish boiled egg
- Sprinkle with seasoned rice vinegar and a pinch of salt

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