Saturday, June 23, 2007

Austin - Last Installment

This is a final wrap up of the southern snacks I had to try on my trip to Austin - things you would not be likely to find in Seattle.

Crawfish Etouffee at Ruby's BBQ. Everytime I go to Austin I have to get myself some of this stuff.

Fried Pie - this is definitely not something you would find in Seattle. I found this at Jo's, the fabulous coffee shop where I spent so many hours reading while sitting in the balmy shade.

I would love it if there were more filling, but the dough was heavenly. I really don't know what to compare it to - it was not flakey like normal pie crust, and was almost like fried bread. Then there was a glaze over the top of it. I will definitely be going back for more the next time I am in town.

Frozen Custard at Culvers. This was like soft serve ice cream only it wasn't. It was creamier and tasted more like ice cream, and wasn't as soft as soft serve.

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