Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A perfect day...

...for only a dollar fifty. It finally feels like summer here in Seattle, and my bike is no longer feeling neglected. I went for a ride on the Burke-Gilman Trail the other day. It heads north out of Seattle and wraps around Lake Washingon. I rode up into the suburbs, found a grocery store for my cheese and nectarines (and made the frightening discovery that there are TELEVISIONS in the check-out line at Albertson's?!?!?), then headed back home. The trail is flat and car-free, so it is a good place to ride if you are in need of zoning out (the only place I allow myself to listen to music on my bike!). You can ride about 25 miles to the suburb of Redmond without ever having to deal with cars.

A happy bike:

A lot of the trail has a view of Lake Washington:

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