Saturday, March 31, 2007

Week 1 of Painting Class (and other news, such as the Latest on America's Next Top Model)

I'm taking a painting class, and this was our first week's assignment - we had to paint a still life of a bunch of white, styrofoam shapes. Utterly uninspiring. But I got through it, and here it is.

On to America's Top Model - after hearing about the recent episode that had the "girls" posing as victims of violent murders, I turned to the internet to check out the pictures myself. I googled "America's Next Top Model", and expected to find tons of sites responding to this episode. Instead I had to dig through pages of speculation about who would win the show, etc, before finding any evidence of shock or disgust. Hmm.

I'm sure I could go on for hours about how disturbing I found the episode itself, but now I am distracted by the fact that there were so many people blogging about the show without seeming remotely startled by those pictures. When I finally got to the responses that I was looking (and hoping) for, I saw a few references to Jean Kilbourne's argument that the more images we see of violence against women in the media, the more we become desensitized to it. Then the images of violence lose their shock value for us. I guess we can see Jean Kilbourne's argument in action in the world of ANTP blogs.

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