Sunday, January 20, 2008

A bag for work, and some sunshine

I have a mess of craft projects I have been wanting to post about, but I keep getting side-tracked with food. I made this bag a while ago, with no particular purpose in mind - I just liked the fabric, and wanted to try putting a zipper on something. But now that I am in the float pool at work, I need to take all of my stuff home with me every night, and it turns out this bag works perfectly.

In other news: we had a sunny day here in Seattle last Tuesday! I hadn't noticed how long it had been since I had seen the sun until it made its appearance; I could feel my eyeballs cramping up.

I haven't shown you the view out my kitchen window for awhile, so here it is on that sunny day:

I went for a couple walks, first through my neighborhood, then at Golden Gardens, which is a park in Ballard (a neighborhood in Seattle.) Cold, windy, and SUNNY!

Found: lots of barnacles, a tiny orange starfish, and a few sea anemones.


Emiline said...

Cool bag. I like it.

Is that the UPS truck heading towards your apartment?

It must be nice to have a sunny day there. Most of the time I prefer cloudy and stormy.

And the ocean! You have it all my friend.

Patricia Scarpin said...

The bag is beautiful, I love the pattern!

Nicole said...

How beautiful! We will be moving to Bellingham in March. I can't wait... I hear it's gorgeous!

Cakespy said...

Nice day, nice bag! Hey, we should have cupcakes at Cafe Sweet Posie sometime!